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Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct Shortlist Concept by D. Ridgley.

Illustrations by KPenrose Design.

Jetty Foreshore Sculpture


Designed by Derek Ridgley.

Artwork by K Penrose Design.

“Lostoo” Option 1

Concrete and Stainless Steel ship with SS316 Mermaid, wind powered whistles and lights.

This is a functional sculpture. Refer to design sheets 1 and 2.

The curved concrete topsides of the ship act as seating for children and families to relax and take in the view while listening to the sound of the whistling wind from the pipes on the rotating mastheads.

Seating: The topside of the seating has been deliberately left blank and can be stencilled with additional Artwork designs that will be provided by Sculptor and Artist. The curved seating is bolted (or other method) to the vertical sides that can be flat sections. All can be precast off site.

The central table is in the shape of a clamshell and can be stencilled with additional Artwork designs that will be provided by Sculptor and Artist. It is bolted to the SS316 Mizzen mast support structure.

The Main Mast is topped with wind driven rotating arms that support various fluted whistles that will sound at differing wind speeds. I am currently investigating suitably harmonic whistles with Mark Hoza, Master Flute maker. The masts can be topped with metal flags.

The Mizzen Mast also supports wind driven rotating arms that drive a small generator to operate the masthead lights. This mast will be in two sections to allow the Clamshell and pedestal to be installed separately. The Mizzen Mast can then be bolted to the pedestal structure with flush mount bolts. The masts can be topped with metal flags.

The two SS316 masts double as flag poles to suit the street flags that are put up by council or other event flags. The flagpoles can be topped with metal flags.

The Mermaid Figurehead is cut from ss316 as a silhouette and topped with SS316 chain hair. She is fixed to the concrete boat bow with a plate that is held by the bolts that hold the bow together.


The soft fall inside the boat should be striped like decking while the outer soft fall would ideally be a swirling blue and green watery pattern further interspersed with dolphins, fish and turtles.

Overall dimensions.

Refer to plans.










The original Mermaid was designed to be 2.4 metres high with stainless steel chain hair.



2017 Decorative Japanese Wire Tree Gardens

IMG_4583 IMG_4535 IMG_4584 IMG_4603 IMG_4667 IMG_4570 - Version 2 IMG_4570



















Pallet sculpture for the 2017 Urunga Sculpture in the Park. Currently on display at TBA. Contact Artist for details

IMG_3625 IMG_3632 IMG_4305IMG_3624














Decorative outdoor sculpture – The “Welcome Post”

Contact Artist for Details









DSC_0293 DSC_0303 DSC_0296











IMG_9792Bridge to Paradise.  

2015/16. Constructed from recycled pallets.


The “Fat Boy”

2014/15. Constructed from recycled pallets


IMG_7115 IMG_7126 IMG_7182 IMG_7215 IMG_7230